Underprotected, Undersupported: New Report Reveals Flaws in Child Care System

April 21, 2009

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Underprotected, Undersupported reveals some stark facts about Alabama’s practice of exempting some child care programs from meeting basic standards of health, safety, and well being. Currently more than 40% of Alabama’s child care centers are unlicensed, and those unlicensed facilities also benefit from state childcare subsidies. This needlessly jeopardizes the health, safety, and well being [...]

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Coming Undone Reveals Threat to Licensed Child Care in Alabama

November 10, 2005

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Coming Undone: The State of Child Care in Alabama documents the damage inflicted on the child care delivery system by child care policies and regulations in Alabama. Of particular concern is the decreasing quality of child care in the state, as licensed child care programs close their doors and enrollment at unlicensed programs increases. Deplorably, [...]

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