PACC Workshop: Parents Sharing Ideas and Making A Difference


FOCAL’s Parents Advocate Change for Children (PACC) workshop on Saturday, August 18, 2012, fully engaged its audience of highly motivated parents. PACC is a five-month fellowship program providing professional training in parenting skills, group leadership, and ways to bring about personal and community change.

This interactive session helped participants discover and learn ways to advocate for their children and create a supportive learning environment for themselves, their child/children, and the community.

During the PACC workshop, parents learned how to stay informed and take action on their own behalf.

At the start of the day, parents expressed their expectations of the workshop. Among other topics, parents wanted to talk about best parenting practices, self-development, and where to find resources. They also welcomed the opportunity to get together and engage and interact with each other.

Throughout the workshop, we discussed our vision for our children and barriers they face; external and internal factors that affect parenting; and critical issues surrounding us as parents and black communities both positive and negative—including social class, power, security, education, wealth, the ability to influence others, job security, and the burdens of racial discrimination, inequality, and economic disparity. We also talked about the responsibility of every individual as an American citizen in an exercise called Citizenship 101.

PACC offers empowering mindset skills that parents can use with their families and communities. One of the workshop participants stated: “This session will help me in my work and private life because it helped me realize the power in my own voice and has motivated me to focus on learning more about my own surroundings.”

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