Did you ever think about how child care keeps Alabama working? Ms. Shutara Todd, the mother of two children, who lives in Auburn, Alabama, appreciates how child care assistance allows her to work.

I am a single mother with pre-school aged children. I could not work and provide for my family without a quality place for my children while I am at work. The child care subsidy program lets me work while my children are in a safe place. I am grateful that FOCAL helped me stay on the program. Thank you, FOCAL.

Ms. Todd’s children were among the 5,000 children who were close to getting cut from the child care subsidy program this past year. The Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama (FOCAL) is proud to support Ms. Todd and thousands of other working parents in Alabama. FOCAL has recognized for over 40 years the importance of quality child care to the economy of Alabama, to educational achievement in the state, and to working families and their children. Our commitment has been to promote and protect an important resource for families with limited means to overcome poverty: a high quality child care delivery system, accessible to low-income families.

Each year in the fall FOCAL conducts a fund drive to support our commitment to parents like Ms. Todd, who rely on high quality and accessible child care to make better lives for their children. Because FOCAL does not accept any public funding, our fund drive is an important source of revenue for us.

We invite you to make a donation to the Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama. Your contribution supports our programs and services year-round. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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